KrakCompagnie Krak consists of Els Degryse and Dieter Missiaen.

Circus Krak (original name) was founded in 2008 to bring shows all around the world for street children. With “Charlieston”, the first show, they played throughout Southeast-Asia and South-America. Back home they turned the show into a contemporary circus performance and played at festivals and cultural centres in Belgium. 

From a lot of enthousiasm and ambition arose the second show “Kiss!” which they created with the help a clowning coach Tom Roos (Cie Wurre Wurre).

The third show “Viva Raphaël” was the firts soloproject of Dieter Missiaen.
Els stays behind the scene to coach together with Micheline Vandepoel.

Since 2016 Dieter Missiaen is working together with Ief Gilis from Circo Ripopolo and De Wenkbrouwerij and that resulted in the 4th show “Kontrol”

Throughout the years it became clear that clowning is his discipline and he keeps on training to master this art to the fullest.

Compagnie krak stands for wordless and visual shows, with a lot of humour, love and a bit of circus.

All shows are created with the support of the Flemish Centre for Circus Arts and with the support of the Government of Flanders.

Productions with the support of the Government of Flanders:

2011: “Charlieston” with Els Degryse and Dieter Missiaen (coach Gab Bondewel, from Shake That & Cirque Democratique)
2014: “Kus” with Els Degryse and Dieter Missiaen (coach Tom Roos, Cie Wurre Wurre)
2015: “ Viva Raphaël” with Dieter Missiaen (coach Micheline Vandepoel and Els Degryse)
2017: “Kontrol” with Dieter Missiaen (coach: Ief Gillis, Circo Ripopolo)