In this performance, I go with 10 people, each with a bench under their arm, into public space. We actively invite people to come and sit next to us. We build the benches. We sit, we slow down. We are present, we listen.
At the end of each meeting, we invite that person to a closing moment later that day. After each meeting we move. We take the bench under our arms and walk on in the public space looking for a new person. At the final end of the performance, we all come together: the bearers of the benches and the sitters. Bystanders are also invited.
We turn the benches into one long table in the public space.
With words, music (violin) and with a glass, we toast to the beauty of small meetings and live.
After, the communal table turns into benches again. The square is empty and everyone continues on their own way.
Central themes are connecting people (again), being present and celebrating, and all of this happens in public space.

Central themes are (re)connecting people, being present and celebrating, all happening in the public space.
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Datum Ort Info
Freitag 12 Mai 2023 Option LT  
Dienstag 1 August 2023 La Strada, Graz (AT)  
Mittwoch 2 August 2023 La Strada, Graz (AT)  
Donnerstag 3 August 2023 La Strada, Graz (AT)  
Freitag 4 August 2023 La Strada, Graz (AT)  
Samstag 5 August 2023 La Strada, Graz (AT)  
Samstag 22 Juni 2024 22-29/06/2024 option  


Idea: Dieter Missiaen en Els Degryse
Artist: Dieter Missiaen
Text: Els Degryse / Kommil Foo
violin: Anna Buevich // Anouk Sanczuk

With the support of Perplx, Miramiro, CirkLabo.
Many thanks to Craig Weston, Sander Decuyper, Stef De Blieck, Marec Zeghers, Michael Minjauw, Lowie Vandenberghe (House Of Time Brugge), Gwendolien Sabbe, Martine Linaer-Gijsen, Tanja Ruiter, Wendy Moonen, Oerol Festival, Uitwijken – Brugge Plus, Te Gek!?, CC De Spil Roeselare, CC De Steiger Menen, Centre des arts de Rue – Ath, L’attitude 50. And all bench carriers.